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Our vision is to solve the root crisis behind everyday and complex problems by making systems thinking the new norm.

To make this happen we build trainings and tools to facilitate and motivate better thinking. We've developed scalable solutions to help people think structurally so they can deeply understand the systems, solve the problems, and manage the processes and projects they care about. And we've seen success as teams and organizations use systems thinking as a shared language for building shared practices for problem solving and systems analysis. 


Our Impact

Our tools and methods are used from cradle to career — ideas simple enough for a kindergartner, and powerful enough for a corporation. An organization of systems thinkers who deeply understand how they think generate insights for meaningful impact and change.


How We Engage

We work with top corporations, nonprofits and government agencies, colleges and universities, and school districts to provide the needed tools to train systems thinkers that are adaptive, resilient, and dynamic in their response to the complex problems of tomorrow. We also serve individuals seeking professional development and skill building resources.


Foundational Frameworks

We are scientists, systems thinkers, and problem solvers. Systems thinking, mapping, and leadership are the foundational frameworks we use to fuel individual and organizational learning, development, and adaptation.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is the field of study that attempts to understand how to think better about real-world systems and the real-world problems we face. DSRP is the universal verbal and visual language that underlies all systems thinking methods. It's based on the universal patterns and elemental structures that underlie cognition – Distinctions (identity-other), Systems (part-whole), Relationships (action-reaction), and Perspectives (point-view).

Systems Mapping

Systems mapping makes it easy for any person at any level of training to utilize the benefits of systems thinking. Plectica’s patented cognitive architecture builds the metacognitive skills needed for better thinking and problem solving.

Systems Leadership

Systems leadership is a framework for transforming your team or organization into a learning organization for adaptivity in a rapidly changing environment. All organizations are complex adaptive systems that are governed by four functions —Vision, Mission, Capacity, and Learning (VMCL) — which together form the tenets of organizational culture.


Product Offerings

Our tools and resources make it easy for any person at any level of training to utilize the benefits of systems thinking. As you tackle the challenges of your everyday work and life, we're here to help you build, share, and evolve your thinking.


Personal Assessment

STMI report

Discover the degree to which you are a systems thinker by taking the first reliable personal inventory of skills in metacognition and systems thinking. The Systems Thinking & Metacognition Inventory (STMI)TM  is designed to measure your strengths and weaknesses in the metacognitive skills that underlie systems thinking. It provides a “Pros and Grows” analysis of where you’re strong and where you can improve on 10 dimensions. Take the STMI before and after exposure to systems thinking to see your improvement.

Your personalized report provides insights into your:

  • Aptitude for each skill
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Metacognitive awareness

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Certification in Systems Thinking, Mapping, and Leadership

Certs image-2

Develop systems thinkers at every level within your organization through our certification program. Our 5-level certification program in systems thinking, mapping, and leadership will give you the deep understanding, technical language, and practical tools to explicate and model complex ideas to better align your thinking with reality. Each level dives deeper into content to advance the scope of your expertise. 

The program includes self-paced, online coursework and in-person offerings designed to help individuals, teams and organizations:

  • Improve creative and critical thinking
  • Better align thinking with reality
  • Achieve better solutions and improved outcomes

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Books - Systems Thinking Made Simple and Flock Not Clock


Dig deeper with literature from our thought leaders. Our books offer tangible takeaways of systems concepts for immediate implementation in your daily work. Compliment your systems thinking initiative with literature from the leading minds in the field. 

Systems Thinking Made Simple: New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems, 2nd edition (2018)
This book is for anyone interested in learning the foundational ideas of systems thinking.

Flock Not Clock: Design, Align, and Lead to Achieve Your Vision (2018)
Flock Not Clock is for CEOs and leaders who want to design and manage their organizations to be laser-focused yet highly adaptive. 

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Plectica Software Licenses

Software Licenses image-3

Model any system with Plectica mapping software. Backed by the cognitive science that underlies systems thinking, our namesake cloud-based tool progressively wires your brain to think better and faster — transforming how you frame, design, predict, and react to today’s complex and changing environment. Software licenses allow unlimited access to all product features and functionality, including:

  • Designated team workspaces
  • Map sharing and collaborator management
  • Map export: CSV, JSON, PDF, PNG, PowerPoint
  • 70+ example maps and templates

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Premium Engagements

We offer premium engagements customized to your audience and objectives. From a company-wide keynote to tailored executive retreats, our talks and live trainings and certification program can motivate a committed minority to press toward organizational change. Talk with us about bespoke keynote addresses, executive training and certification, ongoing webinars, and organizational consulting.


Derek Cabrera, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Internationally known systems theorist and cognitive scientist; teaches systems thinking, mapping, and leadership at Cornell University; Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Plectica.
Laura Cabrera, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer

Translational researcher and systems scientist; teaches systems thinking, mapping, and leadership at Cornell University; Co-founder and Chief Research Officer of Plectica.

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Applying the science of systems thinking to our business models and practices has transformed everything we do.
Evan Ellis
Former President and COO, Xactly Corp. (2007 – 2017)
Plectica is a living, visual map that speeds up a group’s ability to ideate and problem solve, making it a way more powerful tool than whiteboards or sticky notes.
Matthew Anderson
Four years after our offsite VMCL continues to shape my thinking. It works in that we all share one vision and one mission, and everyone is clear what those are.
Tien Tzuo
CEO, Zuora